Jun 20, 2016

Paw Shake, Tripoli's First Animal Shelter

We finally have it in town, Tripoli's very own, and possibly the first, dog shelter. A group of enthusiasts has decided it's about time there were somebody in town to take care of all the homeless and rejected feline friends, many of whom end up being tortured out there, even put to death in some cases, especially those linked to the municipalities themselves, mainly due to total ignorance of how to handle stray animals.

A few words about Paw Shake from the initiative itself on their Zoomal Page:
Paw shake is a group of several young guys in Tripoli and all are volunteers. We all have the same passion for dogs and we have raised many dogs in our homes in Tripoli. Each person of this team is dedicating his free time for dogs rescuing through reporting and sending homeless dogs to specific NGOs in Lebanon who are providing shelter and food for these homeless dogs.
Puppies put for sale in Tripoli's Flea Market
Mahmoud Mawass, founder of Paw Shake, has wholeheartedly launched a Zoomal crowdfunder  titled "Take Me Home" recently to amass up to 85,000USD to be used for the land, for the shelter itself and of course, for the operational costs and staff expenses. The shelter will be situated in Tripoli, but will extend its operation to Mina too, Tripoli's most famous bay, as Paw Shake is doing its best to convince both municipalities to join forces in terms of support, funds and also, and most importantly, awareness.

My two cents: I do believe what has been happening to stray dogs, their puppies too, is tragic to say the least. With an uneducated society progressively exporting individuals finding their way to municipality and decision making positions, it's about time to break that endless loop in regards to stray animals and bring in fresh, educated spirits, such as Paw Shake.

You may always support the initiative by:

  • Supporting them through Zoomal
  • Becoming a volunteer as of now
  • Liking their page and promoting them on social networks

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