May 11, 2012

Tamer Abou Ghazala - Nutcase Concert at the Sunflower Theater

Wednesday May 9th was expected long ago. Ever since my financial status went drowning this month, I started eventually considering to skip that concert at the Sunflower Theater for the sake of saving the money (yes, an engineer can be broke every once in a while). Although I had already made my mind, and thus made other plans (that didn't need money of course), a new/old friend actually volunteered to lend me the amount for the sake of going there and enjoying the show. Having sat down to talk made it really awkward for the first few moments, but then the tongues just rolled (at least for me) and we spoke the whole waiting time, well actually half of the time we were speaking about Ray, and she might have convinced me on one or two thoughts to seriously consider about my issues. Alas, the bell rang and it was time to meet the almighty (supposedly) Tamer Abou Ghazala, frequently figured as the artistic nutcase performing on stage.
Performing Nutcase - Very High ISO
The stage was rocking and trembling in silence waiting for the crowd to cheer for the coming performers, but what actually happened was that the lights dimmed and all I could see was the instruments floating up in the air. It was until the lights turned back on that we could see Tamer, Hussein and the rest of the band already took their spots and the music just ROLLED. The first was the most chilling, frantic enthusiastic mood, very poetic, romantic and yet so tactile. Excuse me for not mentioning what the song says, not for the sake of confidentiality, but for two main reasons. One is the words will surely lose their meaning once translated. The other is the proven experience of feeling the song by ear and not by eyes. Thus I will refrain from sharing the lyrics, meanings, unless you went out there and made your own research. Oz, the friend I met on the gates outside, had already foreseen that the band will have the Oud (a purely arabic instrument) along with the traditional Western portfolio: Bass, Drums, and Keyboard.
Tamer performing Solo
I had already had my share of previous experiences in shooting concerts: always enjoy the show, study the whole scene meanwhile, then and only then allow yourself to go out there and snap photos. This was exactly what I did, no concert is worth missing for the sake of photography, yet no such occasion is worth wasting for the sake of only enjoying the show, then why not both?
What I felt was the most astonishing shot

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  1. great concert, Tamer and the band gave an outstanding performance