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Farewell RGH

Last Friday felt like a birthday to me, it was the day I left work. Not because of leaving the company actually, well this part got me breaking down the last couple days, unexpectedly. Truth is that my farewell gathering was so emotional I wept in public... Started out when I had that conversation with Rula - our HR manager, the first couple days I knew I’ll be leaving. I told her about me preparing something for the company, as she was insisting on how crucial it is to always leave a good impression whenever leaving a community, no matter what. I knew I was about to do something, telling myself it wouldn’t be me, Natheer, if I had dropped that call and simply left with a couple goodbyes and kisses on the cheek.

Ideas were sparkling up in my mind like fireworks on New Year’s, yet it’s been a one man show ever since, and my schedule is already booked ahead. The only thing I could do was to compromise, put aside the nice and shiny gestures I had the intention of doing and settled for t…