My Bucket List

Alternatively called "Things to do before I die" list. Here's some of them:
(List occasionally filled up, stay updated)

5. Attend a Coldplay Concert
19. Have at least one friend in every country
26. Visit Alaska
49. Get into Guinness World records
56. Stay away from technology for a whole week
58. Spend 1900$ (my first ever salary) on useless stuff
68. Build a treehouse
71. Research my family tree
79. Write a letter to my grandchildren!
82. Write to my old teacher
87. Spend a whole day with a circus team
96. Own a Chocolate Factory
112. Learn 5 new languages


  1. nice :) my list is longer than urz ... may all ur dreams come true my friend

  2. well thank you :) Mine has over than 107 items and it's growing periodically. Would love to share thoughts though.

  3. Would be nice also to see the wishes that already came true. and....the wish from point 19 has become one step closer to being fulfilled, since you have a friend in Moldova.

  4. PS: just an idea for point 68:)