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Living in a society such as mine is a disease by itself. You're brought up having several built-in aches and burdens that might (or will be) your biggest obstacle. You'll end up at the age of 20 yrs old feeling overwhelmed with the poison stuck on your skin from your surrounding. Being poor will seem to you like something extremely unacceptable, because dreams need money to happen; therefore, getting involved in too many business projects, being employed in several part-time jobs, or maybe cheating and stealing in some extreme cases might be the only solution. You are also "chipped" with an on-going love for lust and sexual desires due to an innate sexual repression, driven always by the standard stereotypes of a woman to the child's eyes, a woman that represents his mother's breasts of which he was obligated to abandon, a woman who is the imagery of a dream girl, a woman with her amazingly heavenly voice, a woman so charming that he would sell his soul for;…

Rumi Said... - Only You

Only you
I choose among the entire world.
Is it fair of you
letting me be unhappy?

My heart is a pen in your hand.
It is all up to you
to write me happy or sad.

I see only what you reveal
and live as you say.
All my feelings have the color
you desire to paint.

From the beginning to the end,
no one but you.

Flower Festival

I admit that the air was filled with that stench I only tasted in Germany. It was indeed something made outside Lebanon, people were happy, flowers everywhere, children playing around, mouths being fed, artists in action, and actually no one was pissed, well except for that old hag that kept criticizing the food. I found out today, oh no, not found, but actually went through that sensation where you lose your appetite for your most favorite hobby because of that "thing" that was wrong.

A Lonely Breath

Sounds cheap I know, well that's how I've been feeling lately after learning an incredibly incredible news. Alas, the beach seemed so fallen in misery this afternoon at sunset. Waves clearly confused whether to act angry of what they've come to and react as much as they feel like, or keep that scenery of a nicely wavy shore that a grandma would sit on with her two lovely grandchildren and allow me take their photos. Pretty confusing isn't it?
Those same waves could've burst in anger and emotion eating almost every inch of breath and/or happiness on the way, or just imitate the same routine they've made for themselves of declaring peace and patience. Well not only waves were so messed up, mighty sun was drowsing in dizziness and weakness was hovering. Even those fluffy spring clouds were powerful enough to give our sun a heavy struggle before setting.


Why do we work? why would we want to make money? to have a happy dandy life? who said happiness needs money? I dream of living in a cabin down the forest...or maybe that's my fantasy? Well let's make it real! I REALLY have a vision of owning a cabin by the side of a highway with some cattle maybe, a dog and a donkey, maybe some hens for the children to follow and a few fruity trees around for me and my wife to work our bodies raising them and have those incredible moments just staring in each other's eyes saying nothing but letting those pure glances of inner relaxation say I Love You...Since when did a supposedly bride-to-be ask for the most expensive apartment in the city to live in? or maybe the fanciest car in town? Well how about asking for the wedding of her dreams, which yes might be her lawful right, but wouldn't she better save these dollars to maybe enjoy a trip to Egypt next year? Excuse my confusion but I've been so tired of this lately that it's be…

A Graveyard for Buses

I might have committed what's thought of to be against familial manners. And yes I admit, the scene was too attractive to accompany my out-of-surgery brother, and will never regret sending him alone in that cab, only for knowing that if I went back home, I would never have the same chance to take some historical photos.

Beirut Mazad

I still have no idea why it's called a "Mazad" (meaning auction in english) since there will be no bids of any kind. "Beirut Mazad" is the new website we're preparing for to be launched soon. I had no clue actually about the world of advertising, managing, making business, consulting, ass kissing, sucking up to strange people that I normally despise, etc etc...

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Oh and, did I mention that I woke up today to find that the door was open the whole night? That's nothing compared to the fact that my wallet, keys, phone and also including Credit Cards, ATM Card and all that important non-sense were within the eyesight of any bypasser the whole night. Alas, Meetings with Remarkable Men is yet another extraordinary yellowish movie from the 70s. I was intrigued by people having super powers, well it's only science, actually we can all have super power you idiots. And Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff was one of those few.

An Opening?

Where else would you find a blog's first post so casual? And yes, I just got back from a photography session on both feet in the narrow alleys of an old city "Dahr El Mogher" just over the cliff of a nearby mountain. I never knew I could take so beautiful portraits, I never knew I have a personality that much awkward, and I had the chance to remember my fond love for out-of-the-oven warm bread. An exciting day it was, revealing a more complex side of the person inside my clothes.