Apr 24, 2013

Forward Forum - The Booklet

I've been looking around for a digital copy of the Forward Forum booklet, the recruitment forum that took place last weekend in BIEL, Beirut. I attended for the sake of getting a copy of that booklet, a role I played ever since I was in college, and of course to meet my peers and exhibiting companies. I usually get the booklet and share it among friends, and whoever needs it and for some reason couldn't be there.

Here's an extract of the organizers' webpage:
"After last year's tremendous success and on behalf of CAREERS & E Square –Events & Exhibitions, it gives us great pleasure to invite you to the thirteenth edition of the International Forum for Orientation & Recruitment, FORWARD 2013 and to the third edition of, BUSINESS 2013 which will be both held at BIEL- Lebanon from Thursday, 18th till Sunday, 21st April 2013 and from 4:00 pm till 10:00 pm."
The forum takes place every year, mostly in BIEL, at the beginning of spring season, to encourage the local graduates to undergo a placement each in their suitable spots among vacancies around Lebanon, the Middle East, and more widely, internationally. Personally I have no figures on the percentage of attendees versus those who get offers via the forum, but if it weren't for the sake of paying a visit only, it's a really cool place to meet new people with mutual professional interests, and at the same time having an outlook over some of the well-fit companies, and some of the fresh ones too.

"Whether you are a small company looking to grow or a multinational corporation seeking new prospects, FORWARD offers you the opportunity to:
  • Establish direct recruitment & build a reliable data-base by having face to face contact with more than 50,000 qualified job seekers and university graduates
  • Get the maximum results from a single event
  • Present your institution's recruitment process, policies & needs to the forum's visitors
  • Increase your company awareness and overall exposure
  • Enhance your link with future graduates
  • Benefit from direct contact with thousands of professionals and develop endless possibilities for partnerships
  • Fulfill your role in the society"

Registration at the doors on the first day.
Just as the forum's exhibition space, the booklet is divided into sections, according to the eventual goal a visitor might opt for:
"The exhibition space will exceed 10000 sqm and comprise the following areas:
  • Employment and Internship Area including an international section
  • Education and Training Area including an international section
  • Business Opportunities and Services Area
  • Office Equipments and Supplies Area"

So here it is, a copy of the Forward Forum 2013 booklet, Job vacancies section.

Link here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5NxYgU0gJcaZG9nblpWX3h4dzA/edit
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