Mar 22, 2012


Living in a society such as mine is a disease by itself. You're brought up having several built-in aches and burdens that might (or will be) your biggest obstacle. You'll end up at the age of 20 yrs old feeling overwhelmed with the poison stuck on your skin from your surrounding. Being poor will seem to you like something extremely unacceptable, because dreams need money to happen; therefore, getting involved in too many business projects, being employed in several part-time jobs, or maybe cheating and stealing in some extreme cases might be the only solution. You are also "chipped" with an on-going love for lust and sexual desires due to an innate sexual repression, driven always by the standard stereotypes of a woman to the child's eyes, a woman that represents his mother's breasts of which he was obligated to abandon, a woman who is the imagery of a dream girl, a woman with her amazingly heavenly voice, a woman so charming that he would sell his soul for; going through his teenage years where he would probably think he's an alien with such a mutating body, escalating finally to his adulthood where now he has the "right" to express his inner desires. Well this is absolutely wrong.
A girl would be elevated in a house where the father is already victim of a miserable life, leading him nowhere but to work double shifts maybe, or even open a salon to operate after working hours. Her mother? Well this is not exactly the life she expected, as of course, she's a victim herself, and always been looking for the life scenery she drew in her tiny fragile head while growing up. Result? yes, fighting all the time, the least misunderstanding would lead to that enormous fight, always leaving that tiny girl pale watching such a life. What you would eventually expect is right. She's lived up to the dream where her husband is the man she always drew in her fantasies; he's strong enough to protect her, romantic and passionate about his woman, dreams of raising that tiny family with his lovely wife that will be standing always by his side no matter what against the world. She thinks it's her innate right, and it's darn true. But meh! Is he an alien or what? He's exactly the same boy we spoke about previously, building up those dreams and aspirations that might (between us) resemble to that girl's, and this is exactly where you'd hear the clash. This would normally happen before marriage, right when normal life burdens emerge, or maybe even after marriage if marriage was too quick. What's repression got to do with all this and that? My thinking is that now it's pretty damn obvious isn't it?...

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