May 11, 2013

Dreams come true

The aftermath, shot this morning.

Last night was the night you'd smile for, such a peaceful, echoless evening. It was the type of night I'd obviously have to spend outside. What's so good about sleeping on the rooftop you ask? If it weren't sleeping to the clear black starry sky, then the chilly summer breeze should be tempting enough to drag you out of the warmth of your bedroom.

Upon setting up the foldable bed we had, mattress and pillow, it was time for me to rest and enjoy the view. I love how, whenever I sleep outside, I get both sensations of becoming so warm on the body level, while head and hands are enjoying the summer breeze. It gives me a chance to play a little game before sleeping, where the goal is trying to equalize body temperature enough to the point where I could fall asleep :-)

My companion whenever I sleep outside.

Last thing I remember seeing was the starless sky above me, I remember closing my eyes and for the first time I shouted out my late night wishes. "I want this to happen, I want that too.." And fell asleep.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I know I am a big fan of rain. Jumping in the rain, smiling under the rain, drinking rain water, and lately as once happened to me, I drove my bicycle under a heavy storm. It was the last time I remember I was that happy.

Dreams were coming and going, kept my mind lingering between the doubts and the fantasies, all until, in my dream, I saw myself sleeping under the rain. Seconds afterwards (or might be the same instant) those tiny droplets of water were gently pouring on my face gently rubbing the gift of heavenly fresh water on the skin of my cheeks. Woke up in the craze of the instant; although I was clueless of what woke me up, my mind was alert and signaled my body to start packing and spend the rest of the night inside. It wasn't till 2 minutes afterwards that I realized what had happened: I stood behind my giant living room's glass wall and watched as the bed was getting soaked in rainwater, while scattered tiny pools were starting to form on my rooftop.

As simple as it may seem, but sleeping under the rain was one of my forgotten dreams, and it happened to me last night, a night I would never forget.

Beautiful mornings from my rooftop

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