Jul 25, 2013

Sigma 10-20 Review: First Impression

The sigma I bought a few days ago belonged to a good guy called Waleed Al Rashid. The fact that he's selling this lens because it's unusable to his newly bought body anymore, was a catalyst by itself to push my satisfaction meter way up high. I got one super clean lens for at least half the price in savings. There it was, the new Ultra Wide Angle Sigma right between my hands.

To all those who are still a bit far from the photography vocabulary, a wide angle lens is a lens that helps you see more. The smaller the mm, the wider the angle, the closer to what we can see with bare eyes and even more. This lens is so special because not only it gives a majestic 10mm widest angle, but it has this astonishing distortion effect that, without it, the lens wouldn't be the same.

As everytime a new lens finds its way to my bag, I decided to use the lens constantly for as long as possible, in order to get used to it and get my eyes acquainted with the new angle. The first few shots were actually inside Walid's car, where we met. I was taken away with the ultra wide angle of the lens: I could literally see EVERYTHING! Next was the beautiful Don Bosco School and Resort, located somewhere above Nahr Ibrahim. It was the same day's evening when I hit the Ameen mosque with my flatmates Marcus and Joakim. The photos were simply breathtaking. It was the first time I could have the broad scene of the inside of that mosque in one shot, floor to ceiling.


It wasn't much before I took it along to Tripoli, mother of all photography trips, and to the best of my luck it was the festive season of Ramadan, where the city glows in a breathtaking dress made of lights, odors, faces and tastes.

I like about the lens the fact that it's really wide, allowing me to snap one of those award-winning shots you see on 500px or such, but at the same it's not your usual evening lens, an aperture of F/4.0 makes it really hard to catch the light without compromising for a really slow shutter speed or a remarkably high ISO with the corresponding noise of course.

I leave you to some of the best photos.

Ameen Mosque in Beirut

Old Woman with her cart in Mina's old town

A motorcycle repair shop in Tripoli

Tall Square in Tripoli


  1. wide lenses, amazing distortion, Thanks for review, it was excellent and very informative.
    thank you :)

  2. Nice photos and amazing review! Great work there!