Dec 2, 2013

Sinusoidal Surplus

Sine Wave

"When you reach to your very source of being, where you are completely in the mood of the spring, and the flowers are showering on you, you suddenly feel a gratitude not directed to anybody, just like a fragrance arising out of you, just as incense brings ripples of smokes and fragrance, moving towards the unknown sky and disappearing"

Left the taxi heading back home, it was only a couple 100s of meters and was totally worth the walk, yet all of a sudden I get this instant urge to be thankful.  And there I was, foolishly singing my thankfulness along all while not being able to resist smiling and waving my hands up in the air. Weird eh? I’d definitely point at me by calling myself a lunatic if I ever bumped into me, but I was happy, who cares then?

"A sine wave is predefined, pre-programmed and pre-destined.
It's the symbolism for life, ups and downs. And it is found to be the base harmonic for literally everything in life.
And we, humans, are no different.
You dig deep In misery and sadness till the day you start walking in the street, all alone, laughing and smiling and thanking god or jesus or buddha or whatever for the things you have. It's that spontaneous moment where a sine wave was at the negative side and suddenly it reaches the null, the void, to go back to positive again. All until it's time to be down again.
The funny part is that you can't control it. And that's partly why I'm happy :)"
It’s honestly not the first time it happens to me, I used to behave like this tons of times before, but throughout my out-of-nowhere thankfulness process, I’d usually get tired easily, and would feel like I just had enough for today. But not tonight, in fact, I challenged myself to make it till the end, for as far as I could; but I couldn't. I started with my feet, saying “thank god I’m able to walk”, then moved to my ability to see, my ability to smile and laugh, my ability to walk, again, and it's when I giggled; I noticed how important walking is to me and to have my legs there for me. How crazy is that? Yet then I had to dig deeper and avoid being so shallow, what else should I be thankful for?

“Thank god I could still love, thank god I know what hate is, thank god I can wave my hands, thank god I am still able to think, thank god I have clothes to wear, thank god I miss people and thank god people miss me”. It didn’t stop there though, the recognition seemed never-ending, with the peeling of every new layer. It’s not about god though, it’s not about Jesus or Krishna. Call it nature, call it Buddha or call it karma, it’s only a matter of letters and names, what matters is the gratefulness, the state of being thankful, enjoying it and learning to remember the little blessings.

Hence this blogpost, you guys know how I put to use everything that I could spread positiveness with. It’s time for you and I to be thankful. I allowed the Anonymous profiles on this post as well, but I’d definitely be happy to see your names down there. Hit me with the best thanks you got, you never know, they could easily be of benefit to somebody else and make someone's day :)


  1. Sometimes i fight with those i love i get bothered bcz of their attitude..and that moment when i think.. what kind of life would it be if they're not there? What if tonight was the last night i can c them? What if death have taken them away? i feel thankful, i still have the opportunity to forgive and ask them to forgive.. and fight with them another day! :D

    1. see ya designer how sweet the little things are? no matter how much we resent them, it's the glue that bonds us together more. Allah m7ayyi aslek!

  2. That's a nice blogpost!

    I'm thankful that everyday I wake up, the only thing I complain about is that I have to get out of my bed! My loved ones are always around, healthy and all of my basic needs and more are met every single day, and it both amazes me n makes me incredibly thankful ^_^

  3. I waited for long time to get what I want. It was always the case with almost everything in my life. This was absolutely very tiring and hectic. It made me feel very miserable many times. Now, after I got lots of things I was dreaming of, I'm happy and thankful.
    I'm THANKFUL not because I finally got them, but because, the fact of waiting and being patient made me an empathetic and faithful person that knows exactly the deep meaning and value of what she has. Empathy and Faith are real blessings. Thanks God!

  4. I am thankfull for the kind of love I seem to always have in my heart that only got stroger because of my mom family relative and friends for it is making me able to forgive and forget and to have patience on many things..but I admit that there was a period in my life where i started to give up on it, though i kept acting on it but what happened was that i really stopped feeling it, the only thing i could feel back then was void!
    So I am THANKFULL for it's finiding its way back:)
    And I'm thankfull for having a brother like you Nath...

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