Jan 11, 2013

Shaping History

Ever wondered what the bunch of great people that came to knowing and carved their names in history would've felt like during the course of their days? What was Einstein's bath like? Did he just plunge his body inside the hot-water-filled tub and leave his thoughts for time to dismantle while he soaks? Were he concerned if he ever forgot the towel? Or was he the type of people to overjoy about the bits and pieces in absurd reality trying to give it some essence while waiting for some achievement to kick in?

How did Jesus's face feel like? Did he ever trim his beard? Ever cut his hair? How? What was seeing him from afar like? Did he ever cough? How did he smell like? Was he of a deep toned voice or slightly thinner? Would he rather skip around of joy or hide the feeling for the sake of his divine emblem? Didn't he ever pick a rose to smell? Did he ever have a deja-vu? How was it like?

What would Muhammad have done if he ever stepped in poop? How would he react to a child hitting him innocently on the knee? How were his eyes like? How often did he blink? Did he ever dream of owning an expensive possession? Did he chase out that idea for the sake of his message? Did he ever get embarrassed? Did he ever sneeze? Did he have chest hair? Did he have any scar on his left foot? Were he ever cold? How did his right thumb look like?
I was thrilled to know that Gandhi's secretary has published his/her observations of that era, but the questions are and will always still be there. Did Gandhi ever feel sorry for losing his hair? How did he behave in front of beautiful girls? Did he ever need any ego boost?

Each of us is a Christ, a Muhammad, a Gandhi and a mother Theresa  Each of us is as important and valuable. I was born totally naked, same as all of them. I had to sneeze when I got the flu, same as these people, most probably. I had gone through anger, love, sadness, loneliness and relief, and I hope all of the great people would've gone through the same.

Hassan Kamel Sabbah - حسن كامل الصباح
Each of us is a Napoleon, an Ibn Battouta, an Osho and a Martin King. What made them whatever they became is their perception, their wisdom, and their patience, all of which are acquired through a series of challenging and outstanding daily life hurdles, starting with finding water to drink, to feeling the racing heart beats upon hearing the enemy's horn right before the fight. Having inherited the Muslim belief, I have learned in my early years that Muhammad had said the following:
"I am but a human just like you"
My only wish is to have had lived in the proximity of any of those people, I might've taken a few beautiful portraits, who knows? :-)


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