Jan 7, 2013

When The Bride Came

How usual is it to see Lebanon flooded in rain and sewage water?
The "Bride" had stepped foot in Lebanon over the weekend and apparently will not leave before another two or three days, as predicted by local weather reports. Having gotten stuck at Dbayyeh, I decided to go all the way back to Jounieh to spend the day at my friend's and finish my work from there, ever since the other lane had no traffic at all.
Dbayeh this morning, Spinneys Bridge
Local traffic and casualty report by LebanonFiles.com
Those who had left their houses as early as 6:00 to 6:30AM managed to escape the traffic that built up so quickly, traffic began getting blocked gradually starting around 7:00AM and eventually most major roads were blocked. Tweets and Facebook posts indicated that, for instance, a trip from Tripoli to the Museum area took about 3 to 4 hours. "Yasa" has warned citizens to stay at home on its Facebook page, unless there's an urgent situation, while minister of interior Marwan Charbel has advised lebanese citizens to think twice before heading to the karantina (Quarantaine) area.

Photo from Saida - Courtesy of LBCI
Photo from Tyre (Sour)
"Driving in the mist! #Lebanon Visibility sucks! #drivesafe" by Rita Kamel
 What surprised me the most is, among all the damage and the single casualty during the latest floods, Lebanese know not to remain miserable, a good joke always finds its way here or there even when the sky is grey.
"welcome to Lebanon, the biggest water park in the world!!!" - Ghassan el Bakri

Courtesy to Salim al Lawzi مدونة جدار برسم الايجار
Courtesy to Hummus Nation
as seen on the Lebanese Memes page, Courtesy to Patrick Kay
Getting ready to get out. Courtesy to Tripoli FB Page

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