Mar 14, 2013

Wissam & Angie - My First Photosession

I feel like writing about my first photosession for couples, which happened to be with the lovely couple Wissam and Angie.

It felt a bit strange to be invading the privacy of two persons while revealing their cherished moments together. I knew it was the hesitation of the first few minutes, and I knew I had to do something about it. I decided at first to take single shots of each of them, while the other helps me with the setup and lighting. A new kind of connection started to grow between me and my subjects, and confidence is building up instantly.

It was necessary to break the ice at certain moments and take photos of both of them, especially when the shot was worth it. A couple of times Wissam was holding the reflector in front of Angie's face, and suddenly something happens that makes a worthy shot at hands: he might laugh at her, she might feel annoyed about his behavior, etc.. These little details were the key to open up, especially when there were some discomfort.

Alas, the single portraits didn't stop, and I had my few golden shots where the couple was amazingly glowing in them with the only twist that one of them is physically absent.

As a last resort, it was important for me as a photographer who will be snapping their character as a couple, to know some history, to go back all the way to when they met, to hear their laughter when they got out of the movies once or when they had fun in the past. I had to be there, or else the session would've been as lame as going by the book.

It is necessary to have at least one of the couple to be comfortable with you, and have confidence in you, such a feeling is crucial to bring a charming ambiance to the session, and most importantly to help the other rise to the same level of comfort and ease, which is exactly what happened that day later on. It was only a matter of time before turning into one of the best shooting trips I've ever been to.

I was absolutely happy with the outcome, either emotionally and technically. All in all, I was really proud of both Angie and Wissam: I had always wanted to make my first photosession phenomenal and unforgettable, and you guys helped a lot into making it happen.

If I were to go on with this type of photography, I have the guidelines now to abide by, I know what to do and I am aware of what to expect.

Finally, I can't but surrender to the feeling of yearning, and that, by far, is the main reason I'm hoping, sometime in the future, to become someone else's first couples session :)

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