Aug 13, 2016

My 30th

We've been friends for a while then you must know I'm not big fan of typical everyday birthday celebrations, from facebook posts to cakes and parties. It's not that I'm being prophet of doom here or, well, the Grinch, it's just that I don't see any purpose of celebrating a day I haven't contributed to in any way. Hold on, let me put that differently, I'd very much love to celebrate a friendship anniversary for instance, a sweet memory, an achievement, some progress I was part of, you get the idea.

That said, you must also know of my yearly anniversary ritual, which is quite different each year. (check 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015). Despite growing really tired of all this, I thought to give it a shot based on previous years' success stories. It all started with using a cover photo on my Facebook inciting folks and fellows to, since they'll be doing it either ways, express their birthday celebration differently, whether in a kind deed, a good word or basically just about anything that I can have pride in saying "This somebody did this something on my birthday!"

Long story very, very short, I did end up getting some feedback. This blogpost is to celebrate them all.

Starting with Sandra, the one who managed to turn into two complete strangers into acquaintances, one of them actually ended up on their couch watching a movie with them.

And then on to Nina, who gleefully took out the company's receptionist out for lunch :)) and much more too.

Another friend, Vanessa, had done something incredible too, which she wanted to keep secret. And not to forget Cady, who had hilariously made his precious roommate dinner that day and made sure he'd let me know. Cracking!

Nuhad on the other hand had made my day with an out-of-the-box sort of deeds. See for yourselves.

Last but never the least, here's a bunch of posts that genuinely made me smile my heart out (I'm sure there were others, but forgive me for having so many and barely able to follow them all, especially after this long while).

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