Jul 26, 2012

Superficial Birthday Wishes

Photo credit:  http://tuneoftheday.blogspot.com 

I have no clue what effort have I put to deserve such superficial birthday wishes from people who supposedly share a place for me in their hearts. It was time for a change, a simple change that reflects both my utmost satiation with the ongoing blind reaction most of us get on their birthday, and at the same time providing people that mean to me a chance to arise from a constant numbness that cursed our social interaction. It was time for us to realize that "Wishing" is not enough, the first step begins in action. Surely I wasn't asking anything for ME, I begged people to go do something for themselves, consider my birthday as a sign from god that this day, just like any other day when it's surely someone else's birthday, is a day to embrace happiness, not smiling-all-the-time happiness, I'm talking here about inner peace.

Do What You Love..

Here's what I posted on my Facebook Profile just tonight:
"IMPORTANT: tomorrow happens to be july 26th, the same day I was born 26 years ago. Your kind wishes and congratulations every year have succeeded in making my day each time and making me feel special like never before. But this year we're gonna do it differently. If you really care about writing me something here on FB or by email/msg for my bday, you are equally willing to do something for yourself or someone around you. Try to make someone laugh, surprise your special one with a present for no reason, plant a seed at your place or simply write a poem describing yourself. Go to the amusement park, meet with old friends, hug your mother, clean the front of your house or take photographs of the places you cherish the most. THAT would make my day even if you didn't share it with me. Yalla I'll be waiting for what you'll be doing tomorrow :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVERYONE"

PS: I know most people are lazy and think of such a wakeup call as "irrelevant", all I'm wishing is one of those almost 800 friends would actually listen to his heart and do as I asked...

Happy Birthday each and every single day


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  2. I may not be your friend but I'd like to express my warm birthday wishes for you. Enjoy your big day!

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