Apr 15, 2012

Lagos - The People

The term "People" should be defined at first: there are the Nigerian people of course, and there are the Lebanese. Actually it is such a frustration to meet this number of Lebanese people always feeding on the biggest portion of the Nigerian income. What's more frustrating is that I left Lebanon to find another Lebanon there, with its same filth, same traditions, same gossip, same political useless debates, etc... That was the Lebanese people. Nigerian? Oh god they're a bliss. Each Nigerian man, child, woman I met have dark skin indeed, but one of the few white hearts I've ever met. It might never come to your mind that the driver working for a white man - of course - holds an engineering degree from a Nigerian university, and thus tears shone on the edge of his eyes while telling me his story and how he's stuffing an amount of 300$ each month in his pocket, which is never enough even to pay the bills.

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