Mar 15, 2012

Beirut Mazad

I still have no idea why it's called a "Mazad" (meaning auction in english) since there will be no bids of any kind. "Beirut Mazad" is the new website we're preparing for to be launched soon. I had no clue actually about the world of advertising, managing, making business, consulting, ass kissing, sucking up to strange people that I normally despise, etc etc...
It all started with a post on Facebook asking for someone in Beirut (the capital) to help with their business. I became the "manager" of a soon-to-be website (or shall I call it company?). I should be preparing now for a series of potential sponsors around Beirut. This is the official logo design for the website. Frankly? I have no clue why i'm sharing this, it may be that I just need to let out the burden and disgust that I hold. I don't like what I'm doing...

1 comment:

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