Mar 18, 2012

Flower Festival

That's the spirit
I admit that the air was filled with that stench I only tasted in Germany. It was indeed something made outside Lebanon, people were happy, flowers everywhere, children playing around, mouths being fed, artists in action, and actually no one was pissed, well except for that old hag that kept criticizing the food. I found out today, oh no, not found, but actually went through that sensation where you lose your appetite for your most favorite hobby because of that "thing" that was wrong.
Yes I wasn't happy at all, it was only a switch-over from another lame Sunday. I'll explain what was bothering me in other posts, and believe me, it won't slip my mind easily.. Greetings go to my friend Taha who always invites me to such occasions. In our group there was this exquisite looking girl. I know I don't like her personality and will never go along easily with such a way of living, but she was useful actually :-). Whenever I needed to find the group among all people, I only had to look for the read hair! Alas, below are some pictures from the festival.

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