Mar 16, 2012


Why do we work? why would we want to make money? to have a happy dandy life? who said happiness needs money? I dream of living in a cabin down the forest...or maybe that's my fantasy? Well let's make it real! I REALLY have a vision of owning a cabin by the side of a highway with some cattle maybe, a dog and a donkey, maybe some hens for the children to follow and a few fruity trees around for me and my wife to work our bodies raising them and have those incredible moments just staring in each other's eyes saying nothing but letting those pure glances of inner relaxation say I Love You...Since when did a supposedly bride-to-be ask for the most expensive apartment in the city to live in? or maybe the fanciest car in town? Well how about asking for the wedding of her dreams, which yes might be her lawful right, but wouldn't she better save these dollars to maybe enjoy a trip to Egypt next year? Excuse my confusion but I've been so tired of this lately that it's been feeding on my mind and sanity. I told you, you wouldn't stand 5 minutes ;)

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