Mar 13, 2012

Meetings with Remarkable Men

Oh and, did I mention that I woke up today to find that the door was open the whole night? That's nothing compared to the fact that my wallet, keys, phone and also including Credit Cards, ATM Card and all that important non-sense were within the eyesight of any bypasser the whole night. Alas, Meetings with Remarkable Men is yet another extraordinary yellowish movie from the 70s. I was intrigued by people having super powers, well it's only science, actually we can all have super power you idiots. And Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff was one of those few.
The movie was about his life, showing the path he took to become the man he was when he passed away. Frankly, I have so many secrets within my hands, so many things to learn, so many people to learn from, but guess I am stuck with the same diseased person that I always were, I won't get excited for nothing and I am aware of this...

PS: I didn't finish the movie, battery lasts for only 40 minutes and electricity was cut-off.

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  1. Did you cross the bridge before the battery failed