May 31, 2012

Being Broke 101

I've always took a decision to be my own financial boss, my own financial supervisor ever since I knew I'm in an era where there's no going back to being broke. But just like any other game, life has cheated. Five days ago I left my parents' house in Tripoli back to my house in Beirut just as any other Sunday, with the sole difference of having no more than 6000 LBP (4$) in my back pocket. My luck and thoughts before that weekend relied on the fact that my BankerNet card still has 18,000 LBP (12$) which is more than enough to buy the essential house needs such as bread, cheese and others (I always buy in small quantities). But to my heart-banging surprise, the card was rejected at the supermarket and I clearly had to pay the 4$ to the cashier (to save any embarrassment there is). Tough luck I assure you, but quiet an unforgettable experience it was. Believe me when I tell you, having no money every once in a while feels good. Watching the brands of commercial chocolate, juices, biscuits and all the items I used to pick up one after the other til my basket became too heavy to lift, now are only icons to watch and add to my wishlist for my next visit - when I get paid.

Such an occasion truly helps your soul to admire, to watch thyself and to meditate a bit even with all the distraction the mall makes. You get to hold a mirror in which you compare that self to the one that was 4 years ago, where malls and supermarkets were of no interest. I'd always go inside, look for a certain piece of candy , pick it up and go out the door. 11 brands of juice weren't so attractive to me. A new brand of beer were nowhere near my field of interest. Sometimes it feels my soul is just like Lebanon, the more it gets older, the more retarded it gets...

Finally, a sum of 1750 LBP (a bit over 1$) was left in my back pocket for 3 consecutive days. I had enough food for those 3 days, but not enough bread. I truly wasn't concerned as you might be thinking, since there were so many solutions in case i'm officially broke. I could get whatever I wanted from the local groceries store and tell the owner - Hassan - I'll pay you by the first of June. Although it brought me a sense of relief, I needed to push myself to the farthest limits. A magnificent experience this one is, and should keep going far more interesting until my salary find its way back to my account ^_^

UPDATE: The night that I decided to go buy that bag of bread I stepped on another 1000 LBP while talking to mum over the phone =)

UPDATE: Back to being rich... Dear Money, I'll miss missing you..


  1. I've experienced this feeling back in uni days when i had to invite friends over man2ousheh and juice using my transportation money which was 1000 L.L (500 from Qobbeh to Tal and 500 from Tal to mina). I remember walking home all the way and though it was a very exhausting journey, I was extremely happy. At times like this, you think of the less fortunate. The situation we found ourselves in is only temporary unlike them.
    I love this entry though i didn't understand the metaphor between u and lebanon?

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