May 9, 2012

My Supermoon

Mr. Photogenic
Did anyone other than RJ ask me what does it feel to predict when something bad is going to happen? Pretty bad actually. I was there a few minutes before my friend's car was stolen at midnight. I had already bought 2 drinks, stood up in the center of the area just at the steps of the world clock statue, and setup my tripod and camera trying to catch the supermoon I've been hearing about a few days ago. Enchanting as it was, standing up at the central point where every car light shines, looking at all the passengers around as if I were invisible, it was just me and that cute up there. He knew very well how to play along, he hid behind the building, he stood right behind the Earth model to emphasize a metaphor probably. Photogenic he is. I don't have the tools nor the tongue to describe what a feeling it is, an escape out of the material world i touch and live in to a world I constantly keep at hold in my mind, this is where magic happens, or at least until I could find much greater magic. Dear cute thing, you will always be followed, no matter where I go. I want you to remember that there are two souls looking after you, for you constantly eliminate the distances between them...

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