Jun 23, 2012

Fete De La Musique - Music Festival 2012

Now for the real thrill, the Music Festival, held in the capital on more than 6 stages spread around its streets. The city was shining from afar, many performers took the stages and brightened the night with their chilling music, soft tunes, raging voices and unbelievable ambiance. More than 50 photographs of the event are displayed in the Facebook Album . All respect goes to the organizers, who succeeded in bringing unsurpassed life to the city like never before. Nejmeh Roundabout was filled all again with the love it used to have. Martyr's Square center had surprisingly more than 400 pair of feet gathered there for a non-political reason. Young and old were enjoying amazing foreign bands taking over Beirut roads filling up the air with extraordinary musical perfume. All was great, even police members were among the crowd every once in a while. In the end I have to admit: Lebanese people? Sometimes you make me proud.

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