Jun 8, 2012

Passion For Food - Take One

Voila! The result of a very delighting morning photography session in the Al Baba Resto-Cafe. Food was more than fabulous, always fresh, always tasty. Bad luck for me I was fasting, still smelling the fragrance up til this moment.

It started one week ago, the idea was already brewing and fermenting in my mind. I needed a makeover. I needed a new photography experience. Exhausted of conventional photography, and feeling resentment from our retarded weddings, I picked food photography. Research lead me to the idea that it's often known as "Food Orgasm", though clearly bold in my community, and would be offensive. A courageous and confident visit to the Resto-Cafe was all that it needed. I got the number of the owner, called her and she was surprisingly more than kind to offer me their own photography studio for free, for me to learn and acquire what I needed. Since their HQ was far away, I sticked to the branch near my house. Later met the branch manager, decided on a time & location, and Voila!

Being a newbie in Food photography, I decided to get a trial plate on which I made my experiments, prior to shooting the plates. it was a dish of Lebanese sweets called "Baqlewa" or as widely known in Turkey as "Baklava".

 Not too much color was vivid in that plate, though the camera needed a certain amount of fine tuning in terms of White Balance, Tripod setup (which I removed later on), Color tuning, Mode Selection and finally fixing the shutter and ISO. My camera is the SONY Cybershot HX100V bridge camera, called so mainly because it's a semi-pro, a transfer bridge between the conventional point and shoot and the professional ones. White foam boards were used for lighting and light diffusion. I thought I'd be needing a lightbox, a hand-made box but light and setup were easily available. With ISO and Shutter already setup, White balance tuned-up, I only had to change the aperture when needed, which made my job simpler and much more fluent.

All the thanks go especially to the Baba sweets management, Mme Amani, also a great big thank you goes for the restaurant manager and for the wonderful staff. Please enjoy, and get ready to be hungry!

PS: you can check the whole album here

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