Jul 23, 2012

Chanting Boy

Chanting Boy, credit goes to: deZein art "dezeinart.blogspot.com"
A man took his 4yr old child to the mosque to introduce him to the religious ethics at a young age. The child began to get bored really quickly of the dull sit down, the loud tone of the sheikh and the repetitive echo coming from the walls. The father was not pleased at all from his son's behavior. Thinking he was such an open minded 20th century father, he took him to the church. The child soon began to look at the ceiling wondering what's the purpose of sitting there listening to preaching just like in the mosque. He asked his father "why do we have to sit here and say such hard words?" The father replied "this is praying for god, each of us has their own way". The next morning, the father couldn't find his son. Looking in the backyard he followed his tiny voice and spotted him underneath a tree crossing legs and chanting the alphabet in a loud musical tone. The father all baffled, asked his son "what are you saying son?", replied the child: "daddy, I really don't know all those hard words you say and all those buildings you go to for prayer, but yesterday I learned the alphabet from A to Z, and now i'm spelling it to god so he can make up whatever prayer he wishes"..

Enough Said

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