Jul 22, 2012

My Free Business Cards from MOO

I received the morning call from our sweet secretary telling me I got mail. As soon I knew of the package downstairs, I screamed inside a huge "YAY", which, to my surprise later was the same reaction the MOO people have expected for me. The package was so tiny yet so marvelous. What's shown up there is the thank you card along with a discount coupon on the back ^_^

Just as I've been told, the box contains 50 awesomely designed business cards that hid below this little critter screaming out loud a cute "BOO, I can see you", which actually was the nicest gesture, enough to make me smile.
BOO, I can see you
6 different cover photos
a custom made message on the back :)
I got the cards totally for free, as an offer I received through an affiliate website, paid only the shipping charges of 4USD. 2 weeks later, voila! they're at my office. If you would like to know more I'd be happy to fill you in with all the details :)

*UPDATE*: it seems the MOO made it easier to benefit from their offer directly on their own website, grasping a larger span of people who would like to have in hand their free cards. Simply follow this link and in a matter of minutes your order is done and ready for shipment.


  1. That's very interesting! i love the post, the illustrations, and the idea all over! Is the company/offer/shipping bound to a geographical limitation? I'd really like to have my own business cards

    1. I got the offer simultaneously with my "about.me" account. So supposedly the "about.me" people are still offering the same, it's only a matter of signing up (which is of great service btw, you can check mine here www.about.me/nhalawani). In the settings you can find your offer, which will take you to "moo.com" and start designing your business cards. Worst case scenario: the about.me people withdrew their offer, you can easily go to moo.com and create a fresh new design for little money, with the benefit of getting rid of that "moo.com" watermark.

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