Aug 29, 2012

My 30 Day Challenge - Day 16

Day 16 - A picture of someone who inspires you.
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To start with today's challenge, let's try to define the character that shall give inspiration to the person I am today: he (supposedly it's a he) must be of an enormous value, an indescribable presence and an irreplaceable impact in his surrounding. He must possess the highest levels of morals there is, an incomparable amount of intelligence and wisdom, an utter height of compassion and the absolutely least portion of anger and hatred. He shall not be weak, never pessimist nor downbringing. He is a leader, a father and a husband. He is the true image of a man we all dream of. He holds the most exalted title of wits and intellect, while at the same time never condone his soft side. He must be a romantic person, a fair player in the field of husbandry and a role model to both his wife and his children.

I bet most of my personal friends already know where I'm heading, and to all of those who are still wondering if I'm only blabbing out a fictional character, this person existed indeed. And at the same time, to all those who know me well, and know my directions and opinions in life, they must also know how much I give credit to those who qualify the best. This person is no other than Mr. Muhammad, son of Abdullah, the prophet of Islam and the last messenger of the religion of god, Islam, or as I love to call it, the religion of ultimate acceptance, submittal and inner peace. (Wikipedia article here)

I'm in no way considering Muhammad as the prophet of Islam in this article, as much as I'm referring to his persona as being a simple human. In fact, if mastered well and given enough time, each of us humans can turn out to compete with that person's character: it's all a matter of finding the inner peace.

So this person, as each of us, was a teenager at some part of his life, he felt rather uncomfortable in his surrounding, constantly observing thieves, outrageous men, filthy women and an irrevocably unhealthy way of living. He saw the truth way earlier than his appointment as a messenger. And thus as a result of such a discomfort, he took enough time for himself to study the body and soul he possessed by both meditating, contemplating his surrounding, and always introverting to his inside, to the divine soul each of us has, thus figuring out way before his selection, the pure essence of being a Human.

His skills as an intelligent yet illiterate man helped him become the most successful merchant around his town, thus competing with others and eventually gaining everyone's respect, that beside being the most honest person in his community, by the words of his opponents, go figure. He married at the age of 25 a 40-yr old woman and their marriage lasted an amazing 25 years until she passed away, in which he remarkably never married to any other woman. Here are a few of facts we probably didn't know about this man:

  • His father died before his birth. His mother passed away when he was six yrs old
  • He had 2 sons from Khadija both of them which died in their childhood.
  • He was well known for his truthfulness and trustworthiness
  • Before Prophethood, he used to retreat to a cave up on the mountain Hira, where he used to meditate
  • He was subject to assassination attempts
  • He never ate alone. He invited others and then ate with them
  • He encouraged the washing of hands before and after eating food
  • He used to mend his clothes, repair his shoes and sweep the floor as well as do the household shopping (even during his married life)
  • He did not care about where he slept. Sometimes he slept on a skin, and even the floor
  • he Jews at the time were so impressed with his sense of justice that some came to him to solve cases, in which Muhammad decided them according to their own Jewish Law
And the list goes on...

One last fact I'd love to share here in this article, aside all that was mentioned above, Muhammad was the role model in romance and love. In fact, he was the one to introduce the concept of cuddling, the art of fondling, to do whatever is needed to make thy woman feel relaxed and content. Moreover, one of the few moments in my life I felt so delighted is when I knew that, even Mr. Muhammad the great, the warrior, the business man, has once fallen in love, to the point that at the age of around his fifties, a young woman whose name was Aisha, a teenager at the time but a great woman on the inside, was able to compete with the wits of this man, thus bringing unprecedented joy to his soul. During their engagement period, it was always a thrill for both whenever he dropped by to visit her. She actually kept waiting for him with excitement knowing how much they would have fun together. She used to make him chase her and run after her challenging him to keep up with her pace. She succeeded at such a young age to bring up the child that was still inside Muhammad. In fact, he admitted in an occasion that Aisha was the only woman he deeply loved on so many levels.

What more can I ask for in my search to an inspiration? This person is my sole idol until I become deceased...

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading this, however it' not a photo challenge anymore :-)
    Side note: the love part is with khadija because she was his choice way before he became a prophet, his other wives were not a choice but an inspiration though he was really fond of Aicha :-)