Aug 12, 2012

Shoot As You Walk - The Unforgettable One

Enough of the challenge posts already. Yesterday's Shoot as you walk was simply unbelievable. I must admit I missed the big groups and the humongous number of people gathering at certain times of the year in the shoot, most of them being newbies to the activity, and simply strolling down the streets I thought I knew well. It seemed to me that I mostly didn't know my town as much as I thought.
Photo Courtesy of my dear friend Karim Zock
The night was beyond awesome, especially that Ramadan is coming to an end and Eid Al Fitr holiday is right at the corner. Parents and newly-weds filled the alleys of old markets looking for the greatest bargains of all, to prove to themselves that their country still allows them to buy decent low priced-clothes at least once a year for their deprived children, or for the groom to buy "the" gift for his fiancee with the amount of money he had saved ever since they got engaged. 5000LBP (3$) shoes are everywhere to the point that you could simply faint form the smell of shoes here and there. Streets were filled with the sight of hung pieces of clothing and sweaty faces screaming to sell their merchandise; great sales management I see here :)
Photo Courtesy of my friend Nour Kabbara
Photo Courtesy of my friend Rim Rafei
I must confess that I opted to give away my gear for those who need it. I saw in Ymn's night photographs a great potential, disturbed only by the natural ghostly effect created by the obvious natural movement of the hand, and therefore she clearly needed a Tripod. I handed it out to here but to my idiocy I forgot to give her the basic brief on how to use it! My other friend had already stated a while back that he had the eye for photography, nevertheless this time he had no camera, need I say anymore? And I swear I was much much happier than if I used my gear the normal way and leaving the joy only to myself.
Photo Courtesy of my friend Ymn Merehbi

Photo Courtesy of my friend Karim Zock
The night ended sooner than I expected, it may have been the enthusiasm that was killing time at that rate. Fellow photographers needed to divide either into those who would like to have the traditional "Suhur" together at a nearby restaurant, or those who wanted to wrap the night up and go home. Ever since it was already past midnight, the majority of the girls decided it's time to leave and go back, though the atmosphere grows in you the need to stay awake until dawn. I lead those few to the town center and made sure they knew their way back, especially that there were a few that came from outside of town. It was time for me to slowly head back home and hit the bed after a pretty damn hectic day.
Photo Courtesy of my friend Nour Kabbara
Photo Courtesy of my friend Mohamad Zock
I love how we the participants rush every single time back home to view our night's hunt, pick the ones we most like, maybe try and post process a few, eventually adding the signature and finally posting them on Facebook. Here's where the real fun begins. You spend the whole evening looking through your own viewfinder, chasing light, screaming at people to stay away, bumping into objects while slowly stepping back to reach the shot you want, but at the end of the night you won't feed the photographer's hunger in you until someone criticizes and picks out for you the ones that outstood the whole album. On the other hand and as always, you get to like, share and comment on what your friends had brought in. This exact way of sharing and spreading the photos is the real essence of the We Love Tripoli's Page who, at the end of the process of posting all the albums, recapitulates every entry onto a single album for the whole community of We Love Tripoli to view and be amazed, just like we were.

Photo Courtesy of my friend Karim Zock

Photo Courtesy of my friend Rim Rafei
Photo Courtesy of my friend Mourad Ayyach

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