Aug 10, 2012

My 30 Day Challenge - Day 4

Day 04 - A picture of your favorite night
(Read more about the 30-Day Challenge)

One of the most favorite nights would obviously (at least obviously to me) a night alone in the street with the camera in hand and the tripod tied to my back bag on a highway probably or a deserted street taking long exposure photographs. And they mean to me of course. But having thought of today's quest thoroughly, I came to a conclusion that the most favorite night was the one I spent on grass in the middle of the street. Can't find the right words to describe what level of awareness that scene helped me reach, but it utterly left an impact so strong that now I have a refuge on hand that doesn't need any camera.

It was frustration that was eating me that night, frustration of my inefficiency to solve my problems, frustration of all the surrounding, and the frustration of certain personal confusion that were bumping over inside my mind. I found no other way but to ride my bicycle and head towards the spot that awaits me, and that night I knew I needed to rest on green grass, even if it were midnight. Personal advice? Never sleep on grass at summer wearing anything that exposes any skin, yup it itches, A LOT!

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